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Michelle Goss & Jeanine Mancusi

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We’ve made it our life’s work to guide and mentor coaches who want to go deep in their own spiritual journey. We welcome the opportunity to support you!

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Michelle Goss

Michelle Goss is a self-proclaimed “personal growth geek” who bought her first self-help book at the age of 12, setting the stage for a lifelong, joyful commitment to growth and spirituality. Since 1998, she has coached groups and individuals to experience greater levels of happiness and success by blending universal, spiritual principles with practical action. She is known for her lively, unconventional approach and has been called “magical,” “transformative,” and “a lifesaver.” Michelle is a leader in the coaching community having served as the President of the Georgia Coaches Association and is currently a course leader for The Co-Active Training Institute.

Jeanine Mancusi

Jeanine Mancusi has been devoted to adult learning and effective training for twenty-nine years. As Director of the Co-Active Training Institute from 1997 to 1999, she helped to create an extensive library of coaching resources, and develop the Certification Program. She was also responsible for getting the CTI curriculum accredited by the International Coach Federation. Jeanine trained hundreds of coaches as a CTI course leader, supervisor, examiner and program advisor before bringing her skills and passion to the Lucid Living and Coaching Transformation curriculum. She has maintained a robust coaching practice for nearly twenty two years.

"I absolutely love the community you foster, every time it feels like coming back “home” to our people! I’m so grateful to both of you for keeping the hearth burning! This class is one of the deepest I’ve participated in, and it feels life changing. Thank you for the courage and wisdom to lead such a class!"

- Vassiliki Zaglara, Student, Creative Free Thinker and Communicator