Coaching Transformation

Coaching Transformation


Free Monthly Training:

Sacred Salon

Always Free!  An inspiring new way to gather with us through the current times. Join us for powerful conversations that will uplift you and spark new growth in a loving, supportive community.

Open For Enrollment:

The Next Level program is an advanced professional training course that will significantly increase your capacity as a coach. We at ACT recognize that it’s normal to fall into patterns and ways of working overtime, coaching within our known ‘range’.

Coming Soon:

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It’s time to interrupt the patterns of feeling not good enough and move beyond them. You – and your clients – deserve to awaken to greater freedom, joy, & success.

We’ll show you how! In this 3-part class, we’ll cover key elements of self-confidence as we bust the myths around “deserving”. Join us for a powerful, joyful class!

Finally Free: Healing the Distorted Ego

This course is for the the determined soul who no longer wishes to follow the rules and demands of their inner critic, the awakening adventurer who is ready for a new dimension of freedom,and the loving champion who is a coach, counselor, or guide to others and understands that to guide others on their journey, you must first embark on your own journey of healing and reclamation.


Unlock 12 Hidden Super Powers!
An immersive experience in unparalleled material for Coaches who want innovative, powerful and practical tools for their clients & themselves. 

Feeling All The Feels

The Guided Journey to Emotional Mastery
Access your most trustworthy inner compass.
Confidently meet any challenge.  Becoming emotionally fluent is the key. This class is a game-changer!

Virtually Ageless: Keys to Vibrant Longevity

We’re all aging. That is a fact.

However, we have a choice about how we age. When we consciously embrace the process, we discover an invitation to become Ageless.

Join us and reclaim your purpose and relevance – an every age!

One Client Many Voices: Coaching the Complex Inner World

As coaches, we can get pulled into coaching the less powerful aspects of our clients. Through recognizing various voices, you can encourage your clients to find the most empowered voice within and champion them to embody their True Self. We have tools to help you navigate any internal chaos in yourself and your clients.

M Power: Reclaiming Your Magic

You are magical. You are powerful beyond measure….but perhaps you have what we call magic amnesia?

It’s time to remember and reclaim your magic and your magical life!

We’ll help you do that with a sense of joy and wonder.

Worthy: Opening to Greater Love and Peace

Self-Love, Self -Esteem, and Owning your impact in the the world, all contribute to your experience of feeling worthy. 

Join us for a joyful, expansive adventure into claiming and experiencing your worth!