Reach Your Next Level of Coaching Mastery

Expand your ability to foster transformation.

Blind spots can block transformation for coaches and their clients

  • An unexplored potential in your coaching approach?
  • Monotony or boredom in your coaching sessions?
  • Feeling ill-equipped to address the intense topics your clients bring?
  • Handling trauma, loss, and anxiety in your coaching sessions?
  • Feeling out of your depth when facing complex client issues?
  • Personal blind spots that hinder transformative insights?

Inside every coach lies the capacity to alter lives profoundly.


Trust In Your Self

Have confidence that you can handle any client issue that comes up.

Unlock Your Magic

Shift from incremental changes to groundbreaking transformation.

Thrive & Flourish

Witness and experience remarkable expansion that sets you apart.

We get it. Feeling stuck in your practice is frustrating.

We know you want to be a transformational coach. In order to do that, you need to harness the most effective coaching tools and methods out there.

The problem is, you’re sensing an untapped potential in your approach and are possibly feeling a bit stuck or out of your depth with challenging client topics. This can leave you feeling uncertain and even overwhelmed.

We believe every coach has the innate capability to transcend these challenges and truly serve their clients. That’s why we’ve spend the last 25+ years teaching and guiding coaches to achieve unparalleled growth and success.

Jeanine Mancusi & Michelle Goss

Here’s how our approach is unique:

Direct Access to Master Coaches & Leaders

We don’t just teach; we engage with you directly, ensuring a personalized learning journey.

An Exceptional Community:

Create deep, authentic connections in our supportive, magical, and loving community.

An Integrated Approach:

We blend universal spiritual principles with grounded, pragmatic methods to coaching.

Live Interactive Sessions:

Whether in-person or on Zoom, we offer real-time guidance, clear demonstrations, and supportive practice sessions.

A Coaches-First Philosophy:

We’re committed to your growth, knowing this is the key that unlocks your clients transformation.

We believe every coach holds within them the transformative power to change lives.

Let us help you unlock that power.

Ready for the next level?

Michelle Goss & Jeanine Mancusi
Master Coaches and Trainers

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A Message From Michelle and Jeanine

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Enjoy Freedom & Harmony

Discover the ease and joy of successfully following your Purpose

“This was the missing piece in deepening my relationship with myself. It also supported my work with coaching clients.” —Shannon

“This work is a game-changer. Initially, I believed I was emotionally fluent, but I realized I excelled at analyzing and discussing emotions rather than honoring and deeply feeling them.

This work, expertly led by Jeanine and Michelle, filled that critical gap in my inner life, enhancing my relationship with myself and significantly improving my coaching practice.”

—Shannon Kelly MSW, CPCC PCC, Fierce Magic Activator

“This work is immensely valuable both personally and professionally. It has enriched my life by enhancing my emotional fluency and deepening my understanding of my own emotions and experiences. This, in turn, has opened up new possibilities for growth, both for myself and for my coaching clients, enabling us all to soar.”

—David Andrews, CPCC, PCC

“This process has been essential for maintaining freedom and agency. It revealed to me the hidden struggles I had been facing my entire life, enabling me to confront and overcome the barriers created by my negative ego. Additionally, this work facilitated a deeper connection with my spiritual self, opening up new portals of awareness and trust, and ultimately transforming my life in ways that words cannot adequately describe.”

—Julie Boyer, MFA, CPCC

Don’t let your destiny slip away.

Together, we'll reignite your passion for coaching, unlock the transformative magic within you, and chart a path where every session becomes a breakthrough.


7 Ego Seductions that Hijack You and Your Coaching

  • Deepen self-awareness to recognize and counteract ego-driven patterns that can derail effective coaching.
  • Improve coaching outcomes by sidestepping ego traps and genuinely serving clients’ needs.
  • Lay the groundwork for ongoing growth by addressing ego challenges and prioritizing continuous self-improvement.